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Sato Metal Trading’s Optimum Proposals

Comprehensive Proposals Considering Quality, Costs & Delivery

Comprehensive Proposals Considering Quality, Costs & Delivery

We offer optimum proposals to our customers that best serve their specific needs based on the trends in the industry.

Quality Quality & Performance Enhancement Productivity Improvement Environmental Measures for Safety & Security Cost Reduction Global Sourcing Optimum Delivery Achieved by Total Management Private Warehouse Management (Japan & Overseas) Stable Supply Achieved by Proper Inventory Control

Proposals Using Our Global Information Network

Using our global information network of approximately 3,000 suppliers and processors along with 11 domestic and 5 overseas subsidiaries working as its hubs, we deliver valuable information and offer practical proposals to our customers.

Sato Metal Trading Processors Customers Suppliers Japanese Subsidiaries Overseas Subsidiaries

Thorough Proposals Covering from Materials to Processing Methods

Based on mutual trust with our customers, we select materials, processing methods, and manufacturers that meet their special needs. Armed with our world-wide network of professionals, we provide our customers with proposals that are tailored to their diverse needs: “we would like to reduce the weight of materials,” “we would like to reduce cost,” and “we would like to emphasize quality.”

Selection of Material Selection of Processing Method Quality of Material Shape Price Casting Forging Stamping Sintering Machining Extrusion Selection of Manufacturer Material Manufacturer Processing Manufacturer Secondary Processing Manufacturer

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